video of mobile phone shredding

Harden provide shredder to physically destroy your mobile phone to fully protect yourself and your company’s sensitive data. We manufacture industrial shredder for factory environment with high capacity and commercial shredder for office environment with single phase requirement. The shredder feature is as below.
  • A high-torque motor gives excellent mobile shredding.
  • A low shaft speed avoids hazardous sparking inside the cutting unit.
  • Good wear-resistant alloy ensure the long life of the cutting blades.
  • A precisely specified knife width ensures small particles for complete data security.
  • Rugged rotor blade cutting system.
  • Individually fitted, replaceable cutter discs.
  • Programmed reversing function when system hits an overload condition.
  • Independently driven shafts or single drive for both shafts.
  • Bulkhead seals to protect the shaft bearing.